Grandpa and the Christmas Crib

Grandpa and the Christmas Crib

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For children, young and old. Read aloud or for early/middle grade reading.

Mateusz and his grandfather decide, one wintry day in Krakow, Poland, to begin the creation of a traditional Christmas crib (a manger scene set in a model based on one or more of Krakow's historic buildings). The boy is the artist and works on the design, while Grandpa focuses on the model construction. Mateusz abandons the project after Grandpa's unexpected death. Grandma's wishes and Grandpa's words of, "Always finish what you begin" rekindle the construction and completion of the award winning Christmas Crib.


“Grandpa and the Christmas Crib” is honest and wise, from its first pages to its final heartwarming sentence.” ~Eric Wilson, Novelist

“…a story of a family in a country we may never visit and the sharing of a tradition that has been passed down in a village for centuries.” ~Amazon Review

About the Author: J. W. Keleher has a history in education, archaeology, writing and art. He is a content bachelor, has no children, and currently no pets (although he gives milk to the neighborhood cat regularly). He likes hiking, biking, climbing, traveling and all things adventurous.

Release: November 2010                                                 
Category: Children's; Read aloud; Middle grade reader               
Length: 40 pages                    
Price:  $0.99 digital; $12.99 print   

Tags: Christmas, Poland, Christmas Crib                           

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