About Us

Turquoise Morning Press is a small, international publishing house that offers both digital/ebook...

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News & Announcements

February's Deal

February 16, 2014

Have you see our February deal banner yet? We've been posting it around our social networks and it's located in...

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January's Deal

January 12, 2014

January is Hot Tea and Mental Wellness month. We think a cup of hot tea and a good book is...

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Submissions Open

October 13, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT, October 13, 2013. TMP is open for submissions. We are accepting very few new authors to our house these days. A...

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Announcement -- Submissions

July 13, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT, July 13, 2013. Turquoise Morning Press is closed to general submissions unless you have a book that fits in...

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Open YA Submissions

April 11, 2013

Love Is a Battlefield TMP YA Anthology Summer 2014 WANTED: Seasoned YA authors who yearn for a challenge or YA...

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Welcome to Turquoise Morning Press

We believe in the power of storytelling. A great story can get us through a troubled day, lift our spirits, and remind us of old friends, happy days, or pleasant memories. Sometimes hope for the future.

Powerfully written stories are not only found on the lists of the larger publishing houses  -- many are offered in smaller venues, just like here at TMP. Turquoise Morning Press strives to provide readers a variety of popular fiction novels, some that fall in predictable and traditional genres, and some with a smattering of something different. Whatever your reading desire, we strive to please. Browse our virtual stacks and maybe you'll stumble upon that tomorrow's best seller today.

We hope so. And please don't forget to tell us what you like about our books or web store. You can always email us at contact@turquoisemorning.com.